Increasing revenue with DME Software that can reach consumers.

Gaining New Revenue with DME Software that can reach consumers.
A DME with a dedicated ecommerce website can use it to increase margins, monetize existing brand loyalty and leverage competitive advantage.  In a recent study, DME operators who extended their software to engage the consumer directly, showed an increase in new consumer leads.  A percentage of those leads ultimately became orders for medical equipment and supplies.
It’s true, allowing consumers the ability to input ...
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BFLOW® Recognizes HME Operator for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In 2017, Courtney came to us at BFLOW® and expressed the need for a billing and management solution for the product she created. Courtney was new to DME billing and BFLOW® was there to help her on her journey. By using BFLOW’s DME Management and BIlling software, and through BFLOW’s medical and billing advice services, Courtney learned to navigate her way through the maze of DME billing and insurance. “Because of BFLOW® , we are able to grow,” said Courtney, ...
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Ted talks about Medtrade Fall 2018

“This year’s Medtrade show in Atlanta was the first time for BFLOW™ Solutions, Inc. as an exhibitor, and it marks the beginning of a new tradition of being present to contribute knowledge to the DME community. We were pleased to find an atmosphere of excitement and hope of prosperity among the DME business owners in attendance.

Because we were new to the Medtrade scene, many visitors stopped by out of curiosity to see what products ...

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Tackling the HME Billing Software Market—Market Q&A

Tackling the HME Billing Software Market—Market Q&A


Ted Jones, President

What sets your company apart in the industry?
 We bundle our technology to give our customers the tech they need for a flat rate instead of selling the different pieces of tech as separate components. We are focused on being device agnostic, allowing the user to experience the full BFLOW system on any size or type of device with the use of responsive web ...

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I want to welcome the newest member of our team Kirsten Diaz.  Kirsten volunteered to help us at the Medtrade Las Vegas event and really showed a fantastic work ethic.  She learned fast and jumped in where ever she was needed.  Im pleased to inform you, Kirsten will serve as our new Director of Marketing and will be responsible for managing our social media presence.  She will create professional content  from a variety of sources, conduct surveys with customers and publish results and post to twitter, our corporate web site, facebook, instagram, and linked in accounts. Kirsten will also be responsible for creating and managing email marketing campaigns as well as produce press releases for us.
Kirstens primary goals are to increase leads and brand awareness.
We are glad you've joined us Kirsten and we are excited about what the future holds for BFLOW with your help.

When is the right time for business management software?

We were recently asked when is the right time for a start-up to get a business management software solution?  The answer is pretty simple, as it is always advantageous to have a complete business management software.  What a new business owner has to decide is if they are financially able to pay for the software.  Most reputable software companies require a one year subscription which will auto renew each year unless the agreement is terminated in writing within the allotted ...

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BFLOW Solutions. Inc. Supports Sober Grads Event

June 20, 2018

Dear Friends,

On June 5, 2018 the Clovis North Bronco Foundation hosted the Sober Grad Celebration for the 2018 Clovis
North Bronco graduates. The event was held at Dave & Buster’s and was a huge success with over 350
graduates in attendance! The students enjoyed food, games, dancing, henna tattoos and casino games. We
met our goal to provide the seniors a safe, alcohol and drug-free environment, that was also full of fun. With
the help of our generous ...

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