BFLOW® is not just for insurance billing

B2B Invoicing and Retail POS, All In One System

B2B Invoicing

Bill hospice, facilities and more

Create Bulk Invoices

Batch your 1500s, B2B invoices, statements and more.

Bill custom rental periods

Bill daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or and custom billing cycle you’d like for cash, B2B and insurance billing.

Keep your sales in order

  • Working with multiple post acute business customers?  You can now bill your hospice, killed nursing and home health customers with BFLOW’s B2B invoicing solution. Bill for all patients on one invoice or make separate invoice for each. You decide whats best for your customers.

  • Easily produce invoices in bulk for fast delivery by facility, patient name, balances, and more.\

  • Print individual invoices when you need to with just one click.

Retail POS

Easily process and manage your retail sales


You’re a real retailer and now you can connect your USB connected cashdrawer to BFLOW® and protect your cash in any number of approved device solutions.

Thermal Printer

Your customer want a receipt and now you can give them one directly from your thermal receipt printer.  Customizable receipt content make branding your receipts a snap.

Barcode Scanning

“Bleep, bleep, bleep”, the sound of a fast order processing register solution.  Now you too, can ring sales fast and accurately with your USB connected barcode scanner with BFLOW®.

Touchscreen Compatible

“Yes it’s ok…” You can “Use” your fingers to enter order in BFLOW®. We’ve made our check out screen just for your touchscreen devices!


Need to know what your sales look like at the end of the day? Taxes, need to be tracked and quantified? Master you retail sales with BFLOW® POS today!

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