BFLOW – The DME Software Built On The Concept of “Flexibility”

The power of the internet is this, “flexibility.”  BFLOW’s approach to business management software revolves around the concept of “flexibility” and exploitation of that line of thinking to inject flexibility into everything we release.  In DME, there are many ways of doing things, some right and wrong ways of getting to the result of patient satisfaction.  Unfortunately, many software solutions focus on hard-coded rules for doing routine tasks that hamper or limit the operator’s ability to maintain high productivity levels. Here are some examples of process rigidity:
  1. Suppose an organization has not fully committed to keeping track of its stock in its practice management system. Why should the software prevent the operator from creating claims if no inventory exists in the software? However, it does exist in the warehouse and the operators’ other inventory management solutions.
  2. Duality in order processing.  What is an order? And how does an order differ from a medical claim?  Software rigidity is the most profound problem many operators face and have no control over.
  3. Batch billing is also another form of oppression imposed by inflexible software.  Long, drawn-out processes create a batch of claims by clicking lots of buttons, running reports, and opening special functions to see daily billing?
  4. When posting payments to a claim after receiving payment is a standard part of doing business in healthcare.  So, why is it necessary for the software to ask for permission to apply payments?  Moreover, why should an end-user review each posting when 90% of payments auto-post without exception?  Just another example of an inflexible design and that design should be avoided.
  5. Imagine you’re on a plane, and “oh snap,” you realize you need to know your ending A/R for last month, to report to potential investors.  If you don’t have cloud-based software, you’re limited in your ability to access information right when you need it.
  6. One of the biggest lessons we all learned during the pandemic was the need for “Uber” flexibility.  With part of your workforce considered non-essential, we had to find ways to allow users access to the business management system.  In today’s environment where everything is in the cloud, why do operators not insist on cloud-based solutions that provide the utmost flexibility?
We could throw many examples at you, and perhaps you have a few restrictive and severe pain points you’re facing that come to mind.  As developers of “flexible” software, we understand and want to free you from the bondage of outdated designs and thinking.  Some things we looked at while creating BFLOW® were:
  1. Elimination of duality in the software.  If ultimately we are billing a claim, then why not start with a claim from the very beginning.  It’s not just a matter of semantics. It’s the fact that a claim is a representation of an invoice, and when you deliver a service to your patient or customer, you only need to collect a signature and the date of service to bill the claim. This process happens automatically in BFLOW® thousands of times per minute across our network of operators.  So what’s in it for us to make our customers more efficient?  It’s simple; their happiness is what motivates us to make their lives more productive.
  2. Being a cloud-based solution, we are accessed from the desktop by billers and intake specialists, in the field by sales teams, respiratory therapists, shoe fitters, and CFO’s.  All of which need BFLOW® to be flexible as their routines.  We also defeated the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing teams to stay connected and efficient, and flexible.
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