We are transparent in all that we do as your RCM team.

Revenue Cycle Management

Professional Team

Revenue Cycle Management specialists
dedicated to working your revenue

Experienced DMEPOS Billing and Collections Team

Our team of dedicated specialists consists mostly of individuals with over 20+ years of DME billing experience each.  

Ongoing Education of Payer Policies

Our team works to keep up with all payer updates to make sure you as the customer are informed and providing equipment and billing in a manner that will maximize your revenue.

Claim Scrubbing Team

Our job is not just to get you paid,
but to KEEP the money in your pocket!

We review and continuously monitor edits

Claims are system checked for data entry errors, modifiers, etc.

We perform pre-transmission review

Claims are reviewed for accuracy with diagnoses, HCPC codes, modifiers, PECOS, and much more prior to submission.

We conduct detailed documentation review

Documents are reviewed to ensure that the claim meets medical necessity requirements.  We make sure you have what you need to back up your claim!

Rejection/Denial Monitoring

Problem claims and worked quickly and efficiently

Continual Rejection Tracking

Rejected claims are addressed immediately to avoid delays in cash flow.  Trends in rejections are identified in order to eliminate repeat issues.

Denials Flagged and Reviewed

No more unworked denials.  Claims denied by the payer are reviewed as received and addressed with the appropriate action.  

Backlog Reduction

Payable claims are quickly identified and worked
to bring revenue in before it is lost

Uncollectible Claims Resolved

We are experts at identifying what claims are still collectible and working them to avoid any additional lost revenue.  Unworked claims become a thing of the past.

Patient Balances Resolved 

We aggressively review patient balances and resolve them.


We pursue appeals and audits diligently.  You deserve the money that you have worked hard for and our job is to get you every dollar.  With correct documentation and coding review prior to claims transmission, appeals and audits are reduced and become a thing of the past.

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