What is the true cost of a distracted workflow?

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  • June 01, 2020
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When you get right down to it, we have too many distractions in life. Cell phones, Facebook, Games, your latest exercise stats app, your phone, boss, and a host of endless possibilities. That’s why it’s hard to keep from being distracted at work. Here are the top 4 reasons we get distracted while working:

  1. Distinguish between important and urgent
  2. Too many notifications
  3. Inability to say no
  4. Can’t figure out where to start first

Some DME operators are faced with backlogs in many areas of their businesses, such as billing, denial, rejection backlogs claims follow up and requests for documentation backlogs. Not to mention added tasks to remain compliant, using different software for this-and-that, or relying on paper logs and trackers, “Yikes”.

Combined, all these matters of daily operation can create “The Distracted Workflow.” With a distracted workflow, you have a recipe for revenue loss resulting from low productivity. These complex issues can become a distraction to teams and workers, that confuse, cause anxiety, frustration, and negative cash flow.

BFLOW integrates many tools and trackers into the software to give DME operators a single system of record for:

  1. Patient management
  2. Claims and Order management
  3. Electronic claims submission
  4. Payment posting and cash application
  5. Inventory and equipment management
  6. Reports and Logs
  7. Retail POS

By putting all your tools in one place, where the software tracks, prompts, and nudges you when things aren’t going as expected, is a real game-changer. With BFLOW’s integrated checklist system, we track every claim entered into the system to keeping you and your team on task and distraction free. Administrators have real-time visibility of team workflow and backlogs, in a click.

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