DME Billing Software... Simplified!
A revolutionary cloud-based solution to complex billing challenges.

Intake patients, create claims, deliver with BFLOW™ Mobile, bill over 4,000 insurance plans in one simplified DME billing software.

BFLOW™ The Cloud Software Solution for Advanced HME Businesses.

  • Realtime Eligibility

  • Realtime Same or Similar

  • Patient Notes

  • Claim Notes

  • Document Management

  • Sales and Commission Tracking

  • Secured Faxing

  • Secured eMailing

  • Insurance Billing

  • POS Retail Billing

  • Payment on Account

  • Patient Billing and Statements

  • Patient Ledger

  • Team Assignments

  • Mobile Application for Digital Delivery

  • Team Reminders

  • Inventory Management

  • Custom Fee Schedules

  • Workflow Management

  • Equipment Resupply

  • Hourly Batch Transmission

  • Auto Payment Posting

  • Delivery and Pick-Up Tickets

  • Auto-Rentals

  • Auto-Refills

  • Accreditation Management

  • Batch Printing

  • A/R Analytics

  • Payment Analytics

  • Inventory Reporting

  • Integrated Forms

DME Billing Software with everything you need to run your DME, Sleep Lab or Homecare Business in one easy to use package.

BFLOW™ comes standard with the tools you need to succeed.

Medical Systems Home Health Care, Inc

“Great platform. Very easy to use. Bflow has made some nice changes.”

DME Patient Management

Add unlimited patients and upload medical documentation, run eligibility for over 4,000 government and commercial insurance agencies and more.

DME Billing Management

Our revenue cycle team is US based and are trained and specialized in DME / HME product categories to ensure maximum reimbursement

DME Document Management

Medical necessity can’t be overlooked.  Store unlimited documents instantly and securely.  Store up to 1gb per patient account.

DME Workflow Management

Every claim is tracked from intake through payment posting.  Our customers know the stage of every claim, all the time and can easily quantify backlogs.

DME Inventory 

Track inventory, print pick up tickets and automatically stop rentals, create PO’s and add equipment serial numbers and important details to orders on the go from BFLOW™ mobile and a whole lot more.

Point of Sale

Ring sales, track inventory, manage cash rentals and more. Add a thermal receipt printer, cash drawer, and scanner and your retail business is ready for high-volume retail sales!

Fax and Email

Doing more from BFLOW™ means faxing and emailing documentation directly from the software.  It not only speeds up payment receipt it makes your teams very productive.

DME Forms

Need a form for billing, communicating with patients or providers?

We give you a delivery ticket, accreditation packet, and perscriptions standard with BFLOW™

DME owners have to find ways to streamline their operations to lower overhead and increase revenue.

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