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all while maintaining your compliance.

Mobile Delivery Made Easy

Get the BFLOW Mobile Delivery App

Master the art of mobile delivery with the BFLOW® mobile delivery app. Stop printing out every form and collecting handwritten ink signatures. Move your business to mobile e-signatures, forms management, inventory, and workflow management, and delight your patients with the ease and sophistication of BFLOW® mobile.


Collect signatures in realtime

Quickly obtain proof of delivery and authorization to bill.


Prepare your orders for delivery by picking up supplies and equipment right from your mobile device to assign inventory.

Today’s Route

Sort deliveries by zip code and map out your route.

Electronic Signature Capture

Upload photos and capture your customer’s signature easily with your mobile device.

Once the signature is sent, the billing team can immediately view the delivery ticket and bill the claim.

Clients Testimonials

Patient Lives Managed
Software Users
Payments posted
Customer care, Developers Sales and Billing specialist


BFLOW is amazing in helping us efficiently resolve all our issues..


Not your grandfather’s DME billing software!
BFLOW software is modern, cloud-based, and constantly improving. It has an amazing user interface and it is evident that the designers know the needs of our industry.
The best part is that it comes with the BFLOW team who all work tirelessly to support us. I only wish that we found them sooner!
Ken Morris

We needed to have an easy to use system for billing purposes. Bflow gave us that solution at a great price. I love how simple Bflow is to set up. We were able to work with the system a few days after setting up our account. My CPAP business is flourishing because of Bflow.

Gary Singh

User friendly, easy to use software with top notch customer service. Ted helped me get up and running as a brand new Medical Supply with all the bells and whistles. Billing services took a lot off my plate which gave me time to focus on obtaining new business. I did my research prior to signing up, and these guys ranked #1 You won’t be disappointed.

Elina Sarkisyan

Matter Medical Supply
We switched from QS1 to bflow. I feel like the team at bflow listens to my needs and delivers real solutions to help me run my business. We were able to streamline our internal processes because bflow automates many tedious tasks for us.


Forthill DME

Hi, first, we want to tell you the partnership with BFlow is one of the best game changers for sComm. Not only your team is outperforming but
do you realize you have provided sComm 100% ADA access with the
communication system utilizing Slack. It has enabled the deaf team and
myself to communicate directly with your team. +1
heavy check mark interrobang


Founder and CEO Scomm

“BFLOW is a user friendly software with unmatchable customer service.
If there comes a time when a problem arises I can always count on a ‘quick response from BFLOW’s support team. if you’re looking for DME
billing software to make your life easier, look no further than BFLOW.”

Victor Martinez


Mohammad Gas

Jaswinder was very helpful. My issue was resolved and I was given information that will help me resolve the issue on my own if it should arise again in the future.

Cathy Chambers

They responded right away to help me with questions in regards to submitting claims and inventory. Thank you

Alma Lopez

The team in BFLOW is very Proffessional and Quick.

Arik Malakov

We are using BFLOW Solutions for over two years. Ted and his team are very knowledgeable in DME billing. Any technical issue are solved very quick. We would recommend BFLOW to any DME provider!!!

Star DME

The  support team is always available and prompt when I have questions or need assistance.

Kimberly McComos

Mubasher is always the best.

Alice Hobson

I always appreciate how quickly and efficiently my concerns are addressed and resolved.

Sandra Pierre

Very helpful thank you

Maria Perry

Swift Response

Kimberly McComas

BFLOW Customer support very helpful and responds in seconds.

Mohammad Gas


Here’s what I have to say about BFLOW…
“I love that it’s cloud based”
“I love the organization”
“I love the flexibility of BFLOW”
“I love the note templates capability”
BFLOW is Bad Ass!”
Clayton Smelts
Pedia Lift

#1 In Customer Satisfaction!

Our Features

Watch Your Revenue Grow

Begin your journey to an automated future with BFLOW® today. Unlike other platforms, BFLOW® is built exclusively for DME business and includes all the required forms and tools to keep your cash flowing and your operation in compliance.

Don’t suffer DME platforms that only offer complicated processes resulting in error-ridden medical claims and, subsequently, reduced cash flow.

We’ve created a new breed of cloud-based DME software to give operators an easy interface at deeply reduced costs. BFLOW Performance Management Dashboard

Learn about revenue management features
invoicing invoicing
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Automated Claims Management and Billing

Simplify your operation with multi-channel billing from one seamless application.

Retail POS, insurance billing, patient billing, and B2B invoicing are all included.

It’s an all-in-one-solution and available as part of our standard pricing plan.

Learn about automated claims management features

Smarter Patient Intake to Improve Cashflow

BFLOW® introduces smart intake with tools to check eligibility, same and similar, and deductibles from one system at any time.

All insurances, diagnoses, physicians, notes and medical documentation to prove medical necessity stored in one easy to access location resulting in more accurate results at time of billing.

Learn about patient intake and management features
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Automatic Payment Posting and Cash Application

Posting payments manually is an intense time stealer and a thing of the past.

Automated cash application is here to stay. We’ve got the most comprehensive automated solution on the market that applies payments, identifies denials, and crosses over secondary claims.

When dealing with hundreds, or even thousands of claims, daily, automatic payment posting and billing are must have solutions!

Learn about payment posting features

Master Your Accounting and Financials

Accounting and financials are easy to manage by tracking claims, revenue and assets all in one application.

Customizable payment, accounting, inventory and equipment reports make tracking your assets, predicting revenue, and sharing with your team a breeze.

Learn about accounting and financial features
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Master Inventory Tracking and Reporting

Asset and inventory tools allow perpetual inventory tracking. Serialized and lot-based inventory is professionally monitored, distributed, tracked and reported on with a click.

Equipment maintenance documentation and scheduling is possible and help meet compliance and accreditation standards.

Learn about inventory management features

Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare billing requires deep intellect, knowledge and understanding of how the revenue cycle flows, product knowledge and discipline. Our revenue cycle team is US based and are trained and specialized in DME / HME product categories to ensure maximum reimbursement.

Your dedicated BFLOW® revenue cycle team will ensure you have complete visibility to your claims, they will integrate into your business flow and prescreen orders, collect necessary documentation, send and collect DWOs for signature and more.

Choose a solution that best meets your needs.

All RCM clients gain unlimited access to BFLOW® at no charge.

Learn about revenue cycle management features
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B2B Invoicing and Retail POS All In One System

With a built in retail POS application and a robust B2B invoicing solution, you can manage multi-channel revenue streams from one seamless business management platform. Getting more out of your software, bitcoin mixers while paying less than what other similar solutions charge. BFLOW® B2B is DME/HME specific and excels where other solutions fall short.

Learn about B2B invoicing and Retail POS features

Workflow Management to Keep Your Team and Billing on Track

Every claim is tracked from intake through payment posting. Our customers know the stage of every claim, all the time and can easily quantify backlogs.

Learn about workflow management features
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Document Management

Medical necessity can’t be overlooked. Store unlimited documents instantly and securely. Store up to 1gb per patient account.

Learn about document management features

Mobile Delivery

Master the art of mobile delivery with the BFLOW® mobile delivery app. Stop printing out every form and collecting handwritten ink signatures. Move your business to mobile e-signatures, forms management, inventory, and workflow management and delight your patients with the ease and sophistication of BFLOW® mobile.

Learn about mobile delivery features
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Connected to the applications and vendors your business needs to thrive. Take your operation to the next level with BFLOW® integrated apps and solutions.

Learn about who BFLOW® is integrated with

BFLOW® Academy

We provide a cost effective alternative for online training and certification. Our courses are accepted by Food and Drug Branch – California Department of Public Health, California State Board of Pharmacy, and most accreditation organizations for continuing education.

Learn about BFLOW® Academy
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