BFLOW® is a software as a service (SaaS) DME Billing Software and DME Business Management solution built from scratch for DME Billing and Business Management. BFLOW® is intuitive, cutting edge, and reliable software for DME operations looking for simplification and affordability in a cloud based software package. Because BFLOW® is a cloud based solution we can bring more capability, integration through API technology with top online business solutions to enhance productivity and accelerate cash flow.

BFLOW® is now headquartered in Central California  and voted one of the “Top 3 Tech Start Ups” by Tech Tribune Magazine.  We produce top of the line business management solutions that provide a full set of capabilities– from software to our own online learning school, BFLOWacademy.com, where you can take courses accepted by the California Department of Public Health to become certified as a licensed Exemptee who can distribute dangerous drugs and devices or the California Pharmacy Board to be licensed as a Designated Representative for a closed door Pharmacy.

Our team of hand selected members specialize in DME business management, from billing, revenue cycle management, software development, accounting/finance, accreditation/compliance and marketing/sales expertise.  With an “all things are possible” mentality, we strive to exceed our customers expectations and help business owners “simplify and overcome” the daily challenges they face as U.S. healthcare providers.



Contact Us: (844) 688-4450