Always know where your money is!

Master Your Accounting and Financials

Management Reporting

Quickly obtain details about all aspects of your business

Reports For Each Element

On all tabs of the system — patients, claims, payments, inventory and more — select filters to get the information desired and conveniently export to XLS/CSV formatted report.

Robust Reports Menu

Easily and quickly run management reports to analyze all aspects of your business including Payment Analysis, Accounts Receivable, Sales Commission and Inventory Value Reports.

Custom Reports

If there is detail needed that is not available on a current report, give us the information required and we can build it.  We always say, “The data is all there, just let us know what you need.”

Payment Analysis

No more guessing or long hours reviewing payments

Select Your Parameters

The large selection of parameters available for selection gives you an unlimited number of options with regard to how you would like to see your data.

Reporting On All Branches From One Location

See what is going on with your business broken down by location or as a whole.

Sales Commission

System tracked and calculated commissions

Commission Tracking

Sales reps are assigned to orders and the system will calculate commissions as structured.

Commission Rates

Set up the rates by which commission is paid — by amount billed or by payments received.  Structure based on straight percentage or various rates by department or product.

A/R Management Tool
and Reporting

Always know where your money is

A/R Management Tool

Identify within minutes where your backlog of cash sits.  Aged by days as well as dollar amount.  Work your oldest, high valued claims first to maximize revenue.

A/R Report

Available as a summary report or as detailed as you wish.  Aging by Date of Service or Billed Date give you the flexibility to manage how you want your A/R worked.  

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