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bflow Solutions Completes Integration with Allegiance Group

LOS ANGELES (November 30, 2016)—bflow announced this week that it has finalized integration with A/R Allegiance Group Information Technology and Services to bring its customers automated private patient pay billing and debt collections. “The Allegiance Group solution provider fits tightly into our vision for a more automated workflow for bflow customers,” says Ted Jones, CEO of

bflow Solutions Releases New POS App

LOS ANGELES (September 30, 2016)—bflow announced this month that it has released a retail app built into the bflow system that integrates with inventory, sales, payments and more. The app, called bflow POS, rivals POS systems used by the largest retail outfits in America, such as CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid and Duane Reade. bflow POS, operates

Bflow Solutions Webinar Offers Survival Tactics for Proactive DME Owners

LOS ANGELES (April 27, 2016)—Bflow Solutions, Inc. is hosting a webinar to help address shrinking reimbursements, the inability to participate freely in certain markets and manufacturer incursion into long-held business verticals once exclusive to local DME operations. “These forces call for a new survival strategy for DME owners,” says Ted Jones, CEO of bflow Solutions,

Billing: Lock modifiers into your system

Q. How do modifiers work? by: Ted Jones – Friday, February 24, 2017 A. It is said that “big things come in small packages.” This is true when it comes to modifiers. It’s hard to imagine that two digits can stop you from getting reimbursed on your expensive custom rehab chair or re-rental of lifesaving equipment, but

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