Pin Point Backlogs Instantly

Eliminate the time stealers through simple processes

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Reduce backlogs fast

As your team completes the required claim milestones, your claim achieves a new status. Each status provides detailed information telling you and your team what each claim needs next. In essence, you’ll know when a claim is held up by missing documentation, back-ordered equipment, pending eligibility check, rejections, denials, and more. All statuses are continuously quantified by accounts and dollars, allowing you to understand what’s going on with your revenue.

Organize your team around backlogs for faster resolution

Now you can identify problematic pre-billing and post-billing A/R backlogs and “swarm” your team’s efforts on the right issues at the right time to reduce, eliminate, and resolve cash-flow blocking backlogs. “It’s genius!”

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Stay on Course

With so many required steps to get a claim paid, how can you afford not to have BFLOW®?

Perfect Solution For a Distracted Workflow

Multitasking leads to errors because we can only focus 100% on one task at a time. When distracted by walk-in customers, phone calls, meetings, training, deliveries, complaint resolution, and other daily occurrences, necessary billing steps get missed, or worse, forgotten. BFLOW solves this problem, preventing non-compliance.

Perfect compliance on every claim

BFLOW® guides users step by step through the process of getting claims paid with a built-in claim audit checklist.

Guided Step by Step Billing

BFLOW is the only system that walks your staff through over 50 steps and stages of a claims journey towards payment. Your team must check off important tasks to move your claims through the revenue cycle. Missing a step holds the claim and prevents billing.

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Consistent Billing

Error free billing is what you get when each orders requirements are being completed with certainty

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Guided step by step checklist

What better way to train a new team member, than with a guided checklist in perfect order to help them learn how to bill, learn what’s required for claims to be compliant, and give you the peace of mind that your claims meet the minimum standard to pass a claims audit.

BFLOW® guides the user through every critical step on every single claim. As claims reach milestones, they achieve a new status, moving them closer to a reimbursable/billable state.

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Accountability Drives Increased Revenue

Knowing the system tracks accountability, there is more care to do things correctly

Know each workflow task

Want to keep your team accountable for their duties related to claims creation? BFLOW® does this for you automatically. As your team completes the required 50+ steps to creating a compliant claim, username, task completed, and date and time of task completion are recorded automatically by BFLOW®.

No more finger-pointing

Because BFLOW® records who did what on each claim, you can reward users who perform consistently and catch users who take calamitous shortcuts that jeopardize your business. Gone are the days of finger-pointing when essential tasks are marked completed, only to find out they weren’t. You are empowered to go directly to the source and retrain, discipline or resolve the problems directly with the individuals involved.

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