Eight (8) reason’s “Cloud Tech” like bflow are the future for DME companies.

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  • July 06, 2017
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Last week we shared an article from Forbes Magazine titled “Why Enterprise IT Will Go The Way Of US Manufacturing“.  The article was spot on and could easily have been about healthcare. bflow’s Sales Manager, Marcos Cabrera provides us with his insight and perspective on how “Cloud Tech” like bflow is the way forward for healthcare enterprises.


It doesn’t take a 30 year veteran of the DME industry to know the Forbes article is true and speaks to DME’s.  The fact is, in business you must embrace change to be successful and with cuts in reimbursement, restrictions on doing business with Medicare and HMO’s, DME owners are feeling the stress of these changes and must do something different to survive.  Among many needed changes, DME owners have to find ways to streamline their operations to lower overhead and increase revenue.  In order to do this, DME owners must find way’s to get more done with a smaller workforce.  The new way of doing this is by taking off the “handcuffs” of installed software and allow their companies to go free by using “cloud tech” like bflow to mange their business. 


“Cloud Tech” a term we use at bflow, short for cloud based technology, which has many immediate benefits DME owners can take advantage of from the day it goes live.  1. Cloud Tech gives your employees a day off without taking a day off.  What I mean is, your team will have more time to do other things that save money and or make money for the company because old tasks are now automated.  2.  Managers can manage from anywhere in the country even if they have several facilities or store locations.  3. Travel expense is reduce with cloud tech and meetings can be held live simultaneously with multiple location managers at once.  4.  Meetings are now held online as apposed to meeting in person.  This means you can have one manager run several locations instead of having 5 managers running 5 locations.  5.  The days of storing medical data in file folders and filling cabinets are no longer optimal.  Because information needs to be shared across the continuum of care “Cloud Tech” allows secured storage and dissemination inside and outside of the organization.  6.  Mobile access to the business management software allows delivery teams to be routed in the most efficient ways and collect required signatures. That cuts down time touching the claim twice.  The software does it all at once.  Now the delivery process has been cut in half.  What used to take your driver 8 hours to do, he can now do in 5.  Plus the office doesn’t have to wait to input dates from his paperwork to bill it, its done before the driver leaves each patient’s home. 7. Replacement of “Old Tech” like installed software will enable automation, flexibility and mobility.  8. The cost of managing Old Tech is eliminated along with the worries.  Think about not having to have a networked office; you just need an Internet connection for your team, you also don’t have to worry about data backups and server crashes, there’s no need for an IT team to keep the network going or to work on updating server software.



These are just eight examples of why DME’s must adapt to cloud tech in order to keep up with the world of change they find themselves in.  Web based billing solutions are the future and are only going to get better with time.  The DME’s that view these new solutions as a tool and not a crutch will be the ones that prosper and grow.

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