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Newest member of team BFLOW

I want to welcome the newest member of our team Kirsten Diaz.  Kirsten volunteered to help us at the Medtrade Las Vegas event and really showed a fantastic work ethic.  She learned fast and jumped in where ever she was needed.  Im pleased to inform you, Kirsten will serve as our new Director of Marketing and

When is the right time for business management software?

We were recently asked when is the right time for a start-up to get a business management software solution?  The answer is pretty simple, as it is always advantageous to have a complete business management software.  What a new business owner has to decide is if they are financially able to pay for the software. 

BFLOW Solutions. Inc. Supports Sober Grads Event

June 20, 2018 Dear Friends, On June 5, 2018 the Clovis North Bronco Foundation hosted the Sober Grad Celebration for the 2018 Clovis North Bronco graduates. The event was held at Dave & Buster’s and was a huge success with over 350 graduates in attendance! The students enjoyed food, games, dancing, henna tattoos and casino

BFLOW™ Software CEO Speaks His Mind

FRESNO, CA – Ted Jones, President, and CEO of Business Flow (BFLOW™), Fresno, California, wants his prospective customers to know that there is a big difference between billing software and business management software. “Billing software allows you to create a 1500 claim form and transmit it to a clearinghouse in an EDI format,” Jones says. “That’s

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