Increasing revenue with DME Software that can reach consumers.

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  • June 01, 2020
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Gaining New Revenue with DME Software that can reach consumers.
A DME with a dedicated ecommerce website can use it to increase margins, monetize existing brand loyalty and leverage competitive advantage.  In a recent study, DME operators who extended their software to engage the consumer directly, showed an increase in new consumer leads.  A percentage of those leads ultimately became orders for medical equipment and supplies.
It’s true, allowing consumers the ability to input their patient demographics from an online form linked to your patient billing software is a valuable solution that is landing DME operators new streams of online revenue.
BFLOW offers an online form that can be accessed from your own website.  When clicked the consumer is presented with your own patient demographics form. New leads are stored in your BFLOW patient database and are accessible to your team for processing.
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