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How many times have you heard someone say that they wished there were more hours in a day?  This is a statement you have most likely heard many times.  There is even a very good chance that you have said it yourself.  A day in the life of a medical biller is often full of tedious tasks that must be completed in the midst of multiple interruptions disturbing the flow of the day.  This often results in tasks being uncompleted or behind schedule.


BFLOW™ is an intuitive software that offers cutting edge automation that surpasses other DME management software options. 



 1. Time spent on the phone checking patient eligibility. 

With BFLOW™, you can check eligibility for all insurances listed in the patient demographics with the click of one button.  The results can then be saved right to the patient’s file so that the documentation is always available.  No printing, no paper, no hassle.

 2. Time spent checking “same or similar” with Medicare.

With BFLOW™, same and similar for Medicare can be searched with a “wild card” search that will provide immediate results. 

 3. Time spent on claim rejections and denials.

Claim rejections are caused by many different reasons with the primary reasons being data entry errors and billing errors such as the lack of or incorrect modifiers, truncated diagnosis codes, physicians not enrolled in PECOS, etc. 

BFLOW™’s billing system is highly intuitive thus reducing your error rates.  A full library of searchable diagnosis codes and descriptions allow you to drill down to the specific code you are looking for thus reducing the error rate of truncated codes.  With regard to modifiers, the system knows exactly which modifiers to put on a claim based on the products selected.  For rentals, the system knows which modifier to bill by which rental month the claim is in.  Providing products to customers whose referring physician was not enrolled in PECOS costs you money as those claims will not be paid.  BFLOW™ will notify you in real time if a physician is not PECOS enrolled, giving you the opportunity to seek a new prescription from a PECOS-enrolled physician prior to providing the product.

4. Time spent tracking refill claims and monthly rentals.

Hours and hours of time can be spent reviewing and/or creating refill claims and monthly rental claims.

BFLOW™ will create and bill these claims for you.  A few days before each refill is due, you will be notified that bflow created a claim.  At that time, you can confirm the patient’s need and fulfill the order.

With rental claims, not only will the system create the claim, but it will submit each claim for you.  You don’t have to spend any time on it at all!

 5. Time spent posting payments and billing secondary/tertiary claims.

Posting payments is tedious and can take hours out of your day.

With BFLOW™, your time posting payments is a thing of the past.  Any payment that comes by electronic remittance is posted automatically to the claim – you don’t have to do anything.  Then, if the claim was not automatically crossed over, BFLOW™ will create the secondary/tertiary claim and submit it for you with a copy of the explanation of benefits from the paying insurance company.  If the billed insurance does not accept electronic claims, then BFLOW™ will alert you that there is a paper claim to be printed.

All of these things take a LOT of time… so the final questions are…

How much is your time worth to you?  Would you like to get your time back?


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