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I want to welcome the newest member of our team Kirsten Diaz.  Kirsten volunteered to help us at the Medtrade Las Vegas event and really showed a fantastic work ethic.  She learned fast and jumped in where ever she was needed.  Im pleased to inform you, Kirsten will serve as our new Director of Marketing and will be responsible for managing our social media presence.  She will create professional content  from a variety of sources, conduct surveys with customers and publish results and post to twitter, our corporate web site, facebook, instagram, and linked in accounts. Kirsten will also be responsible for creating and managing email marketing campaigns as well as produce press releases for us.

Kirstens primary goals are to increase leads and brand awareness.
We are glad you’ve joined us Kirsten and we are excited about what the future holds for BFLOW with your help.

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As CEO of the fastest growing HME technology business, I spend a great deal of my time listening to customer needs and developing the solutions they demand. “White glove” support is the key to our success and I demand that every Bflow Solutions customer or prospect receives it from the moment they contact us. I’ve never met a prospective customer who didn’t express concern over being overcharged and receiving too little support in return. So at Bflow Solutions, we are reinventing what support means and how best to deliver it. My goal is to help your business achieve its goals. Whether, you're focused on service, compliance or revenue, Bflow business management software is the best solution to help you achieve high rankings in all three areas. Talk to us about your business goals and let us help you develop a winning strategy for success! LinkedIn (
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