Verify Benefits/SOS

Quickly obtain details about your patient's coverage in real time

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One-Click Eligibility Search

Quickly check benefits on all insurances for your patient with one click.

Same and Similar

Stop denials for Same and Similar with a one-click wild card search. Find out details of when the equipment was previously purchased/rented, how many months got paid, who the provider was, and more.

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Manage Payors

Payer management tool makes maintaining insurances a breeze

Adding/Maintaining Payers

Select the payer, and the clearinghouse is automatically linked.

Payer Specific Rules

Efficiently manage rules for individual payers, ensuring that all of your claims transmit without a hitch.

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Referring/Ordering Physician Management

Add and manage your physician library quickly and easily

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Adding Physicians

Quickly add a physician by merely entering the NPI number. BFLOW® pulls all provider information from the NPI registry.

PECOS Enrollment

Eliminate denials due to providers not enrolled in PECOS. Status is automatically checked by BFLOW® daily and is visible on the claim.

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