Tackling the HME Billing Software Market—Market Q&A

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  • August 30, 2018
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Tackling the HME Billing Software Market—Market Q&A


Ted Jones, President

What sets your company apart in the industry?
 We bundle our technology to give our customers the tech they need for a flat rate instead of selling the different pieces of tech as separate components. We are focused on being device agnostic, allowing the user to experience the full BFLOW system on any size or type of device with the use of responsive web browser technology. Lastly, BFLOW is devoted to the concept of delivery-intuitive user interfaces that get the job done in the fewest amount of clicks possible.

How do mobile and desktop solutions differ?
 There is no advantage of having to pick between mobile or desktop. For us, they are both the same and, therefore, one solution that operates in both realms is a critical design requirement. We are close to a completely new version release of BFLOW that takes the end user even closer to a completely device agnostic experience, where they can work on any device.

How can billing software enhance operations?
 Billing software can’t enhance an operation anymore. Most providers are already using billing software and, therefore, they cannot realize any additional productivity gains. Business management software is the future of the post-acute market. Providers need patient payment portals, social media integrated with their shopping carts, retail capabilities and billing decision management apps that drive down A/R backlogs and increase revenue. The time for billing software has passed and the future lies in cross functional integration and capability adoption with today’s app culture.

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