“The Gatekeeper” A day in the life of a billing review specialist”

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  • May 17, 2014
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The bflow™ billing specialist is the gatekeeper for the organizations billing, collections and quality activities.  Their responsibilities include reviewing and evaluating signed detailed written orders for pertinent information and completeness, evaluating the patient’s medical records for pertinent information, creating notes with attachments or bookmarks identifying medical necessity within the chart notes, SOAP notes, correspondence and documentation.  This information is uploaded to the patient’s records, allowing for seamless data recovery information retrieval and customer care without having to leave the business platform.

The billing specialist communicates with intake (admissions) and care coordinators via bflow ™; assigning work and tasks as necessary to support the completion of a billable or clean claim.  Once the claim is determined billable, the billing specialist decides witch Payer batch to transmit.  Outside bflow™ this roll could be overwhelming, because other billing solutions do not support this roll 100% and billing specialists have to retrieve documentation form “System A”, review a list of accounts they want worked by the care coordinator on “Spreadsheet B”; now the biller has three systems (billing application, System A for documents and spreadsheet B for assigning work) quality begins to degrade as workload and backlogs begin to emerge.  With bflow ™ backlogs are identified long before they actually become a problem “only a team of billers and consultants could fix”.

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Next week we’ll discuss accreditation compliance in part 4 of this 5 part series on revenue acceleration.

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