“Become Efficient”

Become efficient – Becoming efficient can take on many forms and can be achieved in a variety of ways.  Getting it right requires a systemic assessment of the core functions and processes of a DMEPOS operation.  Highly regulated and convoluted with unique scenario driven operating rules makes it easy for a DMEPOS become a target for investigators.  The inefficiencies often go overlooked or unseen by top management leading to deep or calamitous errors made inadvertently by staff.  We often see clients ...

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“The Gatekeeper” A day in the life of a billing review specialist”

The bflow™ billing specialist is the gatekeeper for the organizations billing, collections and quality activities.  Their responsibilities include reviewing and evaluating signed detailed written orders for pertinent information and completeness, evaluating the patient’s medical records for pertinent information, creating notes with attachments or bookmarks identifying medical necessity within the chart notes, SOAP notes, correspondence and documentation.  This information is uploaded to the patient’s records, allowing for seamless data recovery information retrieval and customer care without having to leave the business ...

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Software Design for “Revenue Retention”

The DME market is being reshaped by new regulations and retrospective claim reviews. The failure of the industry has been on software developers producing applications that served one purpose, “transmit a claim” for payment to Medicare. Yes, this was an important feature to have in your software and you’d be hard pressed to find a solution today that can’t transmit a claim for payment to Medicare. Unfortunately, that is exactly where the problem lies for DME owners.

Too few software companies ...

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