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Pamela Haglund, Senior Manager Operations and Analytics

What role does your software play in the HME market?
HAGLUND: Bflow Solutions Inc. is a health care technology company and the developer of bflow (Business Flow) business management software for HME companies. Our goal is to bring best practices utilized by the largest hospital networks to manage billing and A/R into a fully automated and easy-to-learn software package.

How do you help HME and ...

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bflow Solutions Completes Integration with Allegiance Group

LOS ANGELES (November 30, 2016)—bflow announced this week that it has finalized integration with A/R Allegiance Group Information Technology and Services to bring its customers automated private patient pay billing and debt collections.

“The Allegiance Group solution provider fits tightly into our vision for a more automated workflow for bflow customers,” says Ted Jones, CEO of bflow. “We know this solution provider has a proven track record for improving their customers’ revenue. We are excited about giving existing customers added benefits and ...

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bflow Solutions Releases New POS App

LOS ANGELES (September 30, 2016)—bflow announced this month that it has released a retail app built into the bflow system that integrates with inventory, sales, payments and more. The app, called bflow POS, rivals POS systems used by the largest retail outfits in America, such as CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid and Duane Reade. bflow POS, operates in the cloud and is integrated with the bflow insurance billing and business management solution.

Some of the key features include:

  1. Touch-screen checkout compatible
  2. Continuous bar code scanning ...
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Bflow Solutions Webinar Offers Survival Tactics for Proactive DME Owners

LOS ANGELES (April 27, 2016)—Bflow Solutions, Inc. is hosting a webinar to help address shrinking reimbursements, the inability to participate freely in certain markets and manufacturer incursion into long-held business verticals once exclusive to local DME operations.

“These forces call for a new survival strategy for DME owners,” says Ted Jones, CEO of bflow Solutions, Inc., the maker of bflow business management web portal. “Our goal is to attract business owners who are looking to grow their business despite unrelenting pressures ...

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Billing: Lock modifiers into your system

Q. How do modifiers work?

Ted Jones – Friday, February 24, 2017

A. It is said that “big things come in small packages.” This is true when it comes to modifiers. It’s hard to imagine that two digits can stop you from getting reimbursed on your expensive custom rehab chair or re-rental of lifesaving equipment, but it happens.

Let’s talk about modifiers ...

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Billing: Let system guide you

Q. How can ensure I am using the right tools for my company?

Ted Jones – Monday, April 24, 2017

A. Billing tools are available in abundance, but it’s imperative to find the solution that meets your internal needs. Only you know your team’s capability—daily load capacity, how much training/retraining is necessary and what their internal billing knowledge currently is.

The human component of billing ...

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Billing: Ensure biller capabilities

Q. What makes a good biller?

Ted Jones – Monday, January 30, 2017

A. The verb “make” implies constructing something by combining substances; and, that is exactly how to make a “good biller.” Good billers are observant, detail-oriented, able to communicate complex thoughts and ideas well, find solutions to complex problems and, most importantly, are studious.

In the world of billing there are many details ...

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Billing: Become a billing warrior

Q. How can I be more proactive with my accounts receivables?

Ted Jones– Monday, March 27, 2017

A. Aggressive accounts receivable management is serious business and keeping your A/R clean requires setting a very high but attainable bar. Start with a standard of achieving less than 60-days collection, forcing your team to look at internal processes causing claims to exceed that. On average, ...

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bflow, Allegiance integrate

LOS ANGELES – bflow has finalized its integration with Allegiance Group, bringing its users automated private patient pay and debt collections. “The Allegiance Group solution fits tightly into our vision for a more automated workflow for bflow customers,” said Ted Jones, CEO of bflow, in a press release. “We know this solution provider has a proven track record for improving their customers’ revenue.” bflow, based here, is a software as a service (SaaS) HME billing software and business management solution. ...

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