Meet Our Team

Meet our President

Ted brings over a decade of management experience. Ted is Founder/CEO of BFLOW Solutions Practice Management Software. He worked in leadership positions at Dynamic Healthcare, Medtronic, Per-Se Technologies. He served in consultant roles at Arthur Andersen and Prudential Healthcare

and Prudential Healthcare (PruCare).


He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science/Healthcare Administration from California State University of Northridge.


Ted’s hobbies include camping, deep sea fishing, wine tasting and hosting wine tastings at his home.


FUN FACT: “I enjoy cycling early in the morning before I get my day started. Started tracking my progress in 2020 and to date I’ve rode 5,504 miles and climbed a total of 45,503 feet.”


When asked what he is most proud of, “I’m most proud of being a father and husband who is active in my wife’s and our children’s lives and encouraging them to be confident, caring and supporting them in all their endeavors.”

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