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BFLOW® Recognizes HME Operator for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In 2017, Courtney came to us at BFLOW® and expressed the need for a billing and management solution for the product she created. Courtney was new to DME billing and BFLOW® was there to help her on her journey. By using BFLOW’s DME Management and BIlling software, and through BFLOW’s medical and billing advice services,

When is the right time for business management software?

We were recently asked when is the right time for a start-up to get a business management software solution?  The answer is pretty simple, as it is always advantageous to have a complete business management software.  What a new business owner has to decide is if they are financially able to pay for the software. 

We have a winner!

We have a winner of the BFLOW Coach purse raffle prize! Today I presented ADAM ZAKARIAN, VP of Operations for A-Z Home Medical Equipment in their Fresno Office location. Adam was very excited and quite surprised he won the raffle and so were we when we pulled his card and found his business was only a

Medtrade Las Vegas 2018 setup fun

Can you say organized chaos?  We planned for months, ordering pop sockets, pens, t-shirts, hats, stickers, posters, marketing slicks, furniture, lighting, audio video, flooring and so much more.  We waited for everything to arrive at our offices and then loaded it all up in a cargo van and drove six hours to Las Vegas, NV

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