Software “Priced Out”

Choosing software is like anything else.  “You get what you pay for” in most cases this is true, but this old adage can only apply to an apples to apples situation.  DMEPOS is a diverse mix of business models ranging from companies with one location focused only on lymphedema products or a company whose focus is wound care products with 21 locations nationally.  Other requirements not to be over looked are the delivery model for ...

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Eight (8) reason’s “Cloud Tech” like bflow are the future for DME companies.


Last week we shared an article from Forbes Magazine titled “Why Enterprise IT Will Go The Way Of US Manufacturing“.  The article was spot on and could easily have been about healthcare. bflow’s Sales Manager, Marcos Cabrera provides us with his insight and perspective on how “Cloud Tech” like bflow is the way forward for healthcare enterprises.

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5 things that stop software conversions

Are you facing a decision to convert your software?  Most business owners dislike the pain associated with converting to a new software package because they previously had a bad experience or they’ve heard stories from other business owners about a nightmare software conversion.  Below are 5 reasons software conversions never happen and how our team is changing minds about converting to bflow.

  1. Software conversion is expensive – This can be the biggest hurdle faced by some companies due to the high cost associated with converting ...
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5 Key Things You Need to Do to Stay Relavent and “Keep Up” in a Hostile DME / HME Market

“Keep up” is what one CEO of a multi national corporation told his team at their annual all hands webinar.  He went on to say, “Our business environment is changing and we have to adjust our business practices to stay relevant and in business!”  Over the past 10 years the HME market has endured an all out assault by CMS and commercial insurance companies.  Any HME provider still in business today can attest to the ...

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10 Reasons to Adopt bflow’s Cloud-based BMS

Despite widespread adoption of cloud-based solutions by most industries, the healthcare industry has been slow to embrace cloud computing. bflow™ changes that by enhancing healthcare business in the following ways:

  1. bflow cloud levels the playing field for healthcare start-ups and entrepreneurs who previously could not enter the market due to high barriers to entry-primarily adhering to industry specific protocols.
  2. bflow computing can help healthcare organizations share information stored across disparate information systems in real- time and ...
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Two New bflow Apps Every DME Must Have!

Ever wonder why curent DME software can’t keep up with your ideas?  We know DME owners struggle with software that is outdated and lacking capability to allow their businesses to make fast directional changes to take advantage of new business opportunities.  Well look no further, bflow Solutions has two new apps that will take your business to the next level.

Lightning Fast Retail POS

We built a retail app into bflow that integrates with inventory, sales, payments, and more that rivals POS ...

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STOP!! — Is Your Business Leaking Resources and Revenue?

There’s a hole in the bucket… and it’s draining your time, energy and money!!!

There are three main areas in which many DME companies are losing valuable resources resulting in decreased revenues:  time, energy and money.


  • Manual vs. automated processes
    • checking patient eligibility
    • checking “same or similar” with Medicare
    • tracking refill claims
    • monthly rentals
    • posting payments
    • processing secondary/tertiary claims
  • Claim rejections
  • Order tracking

bflow™ understands that your time is valuable.  Therefore, we offer a solution that is intuitive and fully automated, minimizing error rates and the ...

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Homecare Magazine Contribution Full Story

In January 2017 bflowTM was asked by Homecare Magazine to participate is an article on market analysis. They cut out much of what we had to say.  Here’s the full contribution from bflow done by Pamela Haglund, bflowTM Sr. Manager.

Please briefly describe your company’s product line related to the billing and software services industry. What makes your products stand out in the industry?

    • bflowTM Solutions, Inc. is a healthcare technology company and the developer of bflowTM   (Business Flow) business management ...
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