Bill faster and collect more!

Automated DME Billing Software

Increase Revenue With
Automated DME Billing Software

Quickly create and automate refill orders as well as
rental claims (for all HCPCS codes requiring an RR modifier)

Automatic Recurring Claims Creation

Easily create the first rental claim, and BFLOW® will create all remaining rental months according to the fee schedule for each item on the claim.  Changes to any claim in the rental series automatically cascade to future and or past claims as required.  You’re in control of the automation, and that’s the way we like it.

Automatically Suspend Rentals

Automated DME Billing Software Stops rentals automatically when equipment is picked-up, when payer rules dictate or when you decide it’s necessary.  You’re in control, and you can define in which months rentals suspended.

Automatic Claims Submission

Automated DME Billing Software creates recurring rental claims automatically transmit to the clearinghouse so your team can focus on other essential tasks.

Automatic Prescription Refill Creation

Automated DME Billing Software creates critical prescription orders, and managing how many refills remain for a patient can reduce confusion for your staff and frustration for your patients at the checkout counter.  Claims are auto-created by BFLOW® when the patient is due for a refill. Document, deliver, and confirm the claim—no more manual tracking for refills that are due.

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