Auto Posting

Hours of manual posting eliminated with automation

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Auto ERN Retrieval

ERNs automatically downloaded multiple times per day. No “pulling” remittances or downloading batches is necessary.

Automatic Cash Application

Insurance payments auto posted to each claim and a copy of the claim portion of the EOB is attached to the claim for easy, quick reference. Patient payments on account automatically applied to patient responsibility balances.

Quick Payment Analysis

Quickly identify and access non-posted payments and denial for further review.

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Payment Reconciliation

Always know which payments are closed and reconciled

Check Posting Tracked

Checks marked “closed” so you always know when they are completely posted.

Reconcile With Your Bank

Once matched with your bank statement, checks can be marked as reconciled.

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Batch Posting

Save time and resources with batch posting

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Multiple Payments Posted in Minutes

Manual payments are a breeze with our batch payment posting solution. Post multiple payments quickly and efficiently.

Batch Balancing

Batch balancing details will let you know if your posting matches the check total allowing you to verify that all money is posted prior to closing out the batch.

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