Cut Wasted Steps and Watch Your Revenue Grow with BFLOW Automated DME Billing Software

Eliminate the time stealers through simple processes

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Highly Efficient

BFLOW® Automated DME Billing Software, built for simplicity and easy access. It’s an efficient design that allows completing the most complicated task in only a few clicks. No more multiple pages and tabs open to complete one order. Steps take seconds rather than minutes.

Automated Rental Claims

Automated creation and transmission of rental claims eliminate the need for tedious hands-on tasks.

Automated Refill Claims

Refill orders auto-created by BFLOW®, requiring only confirmation of medical necessity and delivery.

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Bill Faster

Bill and successfully transmit claims within minutes - not hours or days!

No Waiting For Batches

Gone are the days of having to upload batches of claim. Each claim is billed individually on demand.

Bill Continuously

Claims are sent to payors within 30 minutes of confirmation.

Correct and Rebill The Same Day

No more waiting to a day to get rejection notifications. Get submission results instantly to enable you to correct rejections immediately and resend for faster claim processing.

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Greater Efficiency

Maximize productivity with little to no wasted effort

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Automated tasks eliminate human error and improve efficiency, allowing claims to transmit and process more quickly.

Intuitive Design

The intuitive design of BFLOW® makes learning how to use the system easier than our competitor’s systems

Intelligent Design

We’ve reduce the number of clicks, open windows, unnecessary fields, screen clutter and complicated steps to do basic and complex tasks.

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