Increase Revenue with a Single Solution for All Your Billing and Claims

Automate Processes To Boost Your Revenue

Send claims directly from BFLOW instead of using the “Que” portal for your Integra claims with BFLOW’s automated business solutions. Focus on your business growth instead of worrying about sending claims and managing them manually. 

Automation solutions from BFLOW empower your employees to work on things that matter the most; instead of getting stuck in repetitive manual claim processing and doing data entry into multiple systems, use BFLOW and lower costs, reduce distractions, and increase profits. Isn’t that something you want from your business?

All-in-one solution for your DME Business

Fuel your business growth with the best automation solution in the industry

Lower Costs

Bring down the costs in your business processes, by eliminating human errors and replacing them with fully-automated processing.


Boost Efficiency

With fewer distractions, you are looking at a highly efficient workforce focused on growing your business just like you want.


Increased Client Satisfaction

Streamlined business processes and a less-distracted workforce ensure that patients get what they expect to receive and boost their satisfaction levels.

“It has an amazing user interface, and it is evident that the designers know the needs of our industry. The best part is that it comes with the BFLOW team, who work tirelessly to support us. I only wish that we found them sooner!” - Ken Morris, Physic Care

Less Work, More Revenue

With a single solution for all your billing and claims, you can grow your income stream by putting extra pressure on your workforce.
Streamlined Workflow

BFLOW’s automation technology helps you build better workflows that aim to eliminate time-wasting steps.

Quick Processing

Our propriety software eliminates the manual work out of the processes and brings down the claim processing time.

Great Access To Information

With everything available in one place, you can easily access all critical patient information and grow your business worry-free.


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