No more guessing - Always know what's available BFLOW DME Billing Software

Master Inventory Tracking and Reporting

Inventory Equipment Status
and Location

Quickly see what's available in multiple locations

Inventory Status of Rental Equipment

Statuses of Ready to Use, Rented, Sold, and more quickly identify what inventory is available for distribution.

Non-serialized Equipment and Supplies

Manage and identify in real-time quantities of inventory available.

Management of Inventory in Multiple Locations

Easily manage inventory in all locations from one tool.

Maintenance Tracking

Inventory tool makes maintaining your equipment manageable

Document Maintenance Records

Easily and quickly document cleaning, inspection, and testing results and dates.

Returned Equipment Management

Efficiently manage equipment that has been returned and is quarantined, needing maintenance or cleaning.  Once cleaned, tested, and inspected, set your equipment status to “ready to use status,” making it available for the next order.  

Full Inventory Reporting

Quickly pull reports to manage inventory and cost

Customized Reporting

Run reports within seconds to manage inventory location, status, reorders, maintenance, and much more.

Inventory Supply Report

Inventory availability at your fingertips.  Report by location, inventory type, and more.

Inventory Value Report

Quickly run reports to determine the value of inventory on hand and rented out to patients.

Serial/Lot Tracking
and Delivery Log Per Item

Quickly identify location(s) of inventory

Serial and Lot Tracking

Quickly identify which patients have received products by lot number and which patient is renting or owns serialized equipment.

Delivery Records Logged By Equipment

On serialized/rental equipment, deliveries logged, and details of each patient associated with the equipment recorded.

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